The Future of Artificial Intelligence

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"target_blank">Fusion of human head with artificial intelligence, from Shutterstock
Fusion of human head with artificial intelligence, from Shutterstock

Technologist Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Steve Wozniak named artificial intelligence as one of humanity’s biggest existential risks. Will robots outpace humans in the future? Should we set limits on A.I.? Our panel of experts discusses what questions we should ask as research on artificial intelligence progresses.


  • We took an office poll to see what freaks us out about robots’ rise. Do you agree?
  • Check out our review of the new A.I.-centered film Ex Machina, and many other new science flicks.

Segment Guests

Stuart Russell

Dr. Stuart Russell is a professor of Computer Science and the Director of the Kavli Center for Ethics, Science, and the Public at the University of California, Berkeley in Berkeley, California.

Eric Horvitz

Eric Horvitz is a technical fellow and director of the Microsoft Research Lab in Redmond, Washington.

Max Tegmark

Max Tegmark is a physics professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Meet the Producer

About Alexa Lim

Alexa Lim was a senior producer for Science Friday. Her favorite stories involve space, sound, and strange animal discoveries.

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