The High-Stakes, Hormone-Filled Showdown Of ‘Science Fair’

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a young male student with shoulder length brown hair and a patterned black and white shirt in front of a science fair board
Robbie Barrat at ISEF. Credit: Univision

At some science fairs baking soda volcanos can grab the blue ribbon prize. But at the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), a winning project is a design to kill cancer cells. ISEF is the grand championship of science fairs, where students from around the world submit their best research projects and compete in a high-stakes, hormone-filled challenge, which is showcased in full display in the new film, Science Fair.

Like any high school experience, it can be a pressure cooker of anxiety, but also a time when many students find their calling—a crucible from which our future scientists are born. Ira talks with one of the film’s directors, Cristina Costantini, and catches up with a former ISEF participant Robbie Barrat, to discuss life after Science Fair. View a trailer of the film below and find screening times and locations here.

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Segment Guests

Cristina Costantini

Cristina Costantini is the director and producer of the documentary film, Science Fair. 

Robbie Barrat

Robbie Barrat is a two-time Intel Science and Engineering Fair participant.

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Katie Hiler is an assistant producer for Science Friday and the proud mother of two cats, Charleigh and Sadie.

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