The Many Lifestyles of Muck-Dwelling Microbes

Scientists at the University of Leeds are exploring ways to use magnetic bacteria to build biocomputers of the future.

Meanwhile, another group of researchers, reporting in Science, write that they have unearthed a deep-sea microbe that lives off nutrients from the dinosaur age.

In the SciFri Snack: Tired of leftovers? Microbiologist Hans Roy tells our own Flora Lichtman about microbes at the bottom of the sea who are still snacking on stuff from the age of dinosaurs. Check out more SciFri Snacks — and join a conversation about what you’ve heard — at Soundcloud.

Segment Guests

Sarah Staniland

Sarah Staniland is a lecturer of Bionanoscience at the School of Physics and Astronomy for the University of Leeds. She is based in Leeds, United Kingdom.

Hans Røy

Hans Røy is a Microbiologist at Aarhus University. He is based in Aarhus, Denmark.