With Her Kids’ Help, Jean Craighead George’s ‘Ice Whale’ Sees Print

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Jean Craighead George’s books—including My Side of the Mountain and Julie of the Wolves—taught generations of kids to love and respect nature. When she died in 2012, she left a new book, Ice Whale, unfinished. Her children talk about bringing this story of a 200-year-old bowhead whale to print. (Read an excerpt here.)

Segment Guests

Craig George

Craig George is a wildlife biologist at the Department of Wildlife Management in Barrow, Alaska.

Twig George

Twig George is a children’s author and librarian at The Park School in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Read an excerpt from Ice Whale.

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About Annie Minoff

Annie Minoff is a producer for The Journal from Gimlet Media and the Wall Street Journal, and a former co-host and producer of Undiscovered. She also plays the banjo.

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