Is Math Real?: How Simple Questions Lead Us to Mathematics’ Deepest Truths

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I’m just not good at math!” Eugenia Cheng’s book on the human curiosity behind mathematics is for you.

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This May, the SciFri Book Club is reading Is Math Real?: How Simple Questions Lead Us to Mathematics’ Deepest Truths by Eugenia Cheng. Learning math in the classroom doesn’t always answer our most fundamental questions about the subject. How did it come to be, why do we know what we know, and what does math reveal about our world? Is Math Real? shows us how through unraveling the complex puzzles of math fundamentals, one can find a gateway to creativity and curiosity—and that there are no stupid questions.

Is Math Real? brings together a range of topics, including history, philosophy, so many types of math, and more—and we’ll touch on these ideas throughout this Book Club season. You can get your copy from your local bookstore or on

This Book Club season kicks off Wednesday, May 1, and you can read along with us! We’ll be (loosely) following this schedule, but all our readers are welcome to join us at their own pace:

  • May 1-5: Chapters 1-2
  • May 6-12: Chapters 3-4
  • May 13-19: Chapters 5-6
  • May 20-26: Chapters 7-8
  • May 27-31: Final thoughts

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Is Math Real?: Livestream and Q&A with Eugenia Cheng

Is 1+1=2 true or false? Well, according to mathemetician and author Eugenia Cheng, it depend on who, when and where you ask! She’ll join our livestream this month, where you can ask her all your logic-related questions—and come out loving math a little more.

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