Radio Stories Feedback Sessions

collage of three photos. from left to right, a child stands up to a mic to ask a question, a man stands on stage speaking to a full theater, a young girl stands in the middle of a crowded theater speaking in a mic as a spotlight shines down on her
Your voices have shaped our show. From left to right, a young audience member asks a question at SciFri Live in San Francisco, Ira stands on stage in Salt Lake City, another young listener asks a question at SciFri Live in San Antonio. Credit: Alexander Lim/Benjamin Altenes/Cindy Kelleher/Science Friday


Thank you for your interest in participating in Science Friday’s interviews/feedback sessions! We want to know how audiences feel about science on the radio, and how we can make science coverage more interesting for everyone. Please listen to the 3 stories below within one week of your scheduled feedback session with Science Friday. It should take you about 45 minutes to listen to all three segments.

Science Friday Radio Stories

A Blind Researcher Making A More Accessible World


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Why Are Teenagers So Sleep Deprived?