Science Friday Live, in St. Louis


Get ready, St. Louis! Science Friday is coming to the Sheldon on October 25th to Break It Down!

We’ll talk about:

  • Conservation geneticist Christy Edwards, who uses one of the smallest pieces of a plant—its DNA—to guide large-scale conservation decisions
  • Geologist Michael Wysession, who tells the story of how North America was nearly ripped in two—and what kept it together
  • Microbial ecologist Bo Adu-Oppong, who studies the microbiome of plants, and who explains how to make a bacterial layer cake, from a soil sample
  • Science Friday’s Ariel Zych and Charles Bergquist, who will reconvene the Science Friday Science Club. This time they’re inviting you to break down complex things – plants, devices, molecules, even languages – in order to better understand how they work
  • And brewmaster Martin Toft of 4 Hands Brewing Co., who will judge a special SciFri quiz on the science of brewing beer—and toast you if you’re right.

All that and a fiddle breakdown by St. Louis’ own Buckley & Walsh, and a special dance performance by breakdancers Moh and Abduallah Ghraiz of COCA and Funk CB Crew.

Get your tickets here.