Aquascaping: Building Underwater Worlds

How can you take the natural beauty of an underwater ecosystem and care for it in your above-water world? Alex Wenchel, filmmaker, aquascaper, and creator of Tank Tested has some thoughts.

The invisible science happening between the plants, animals, and chemical balances in the water endlessly occupies aquascapers like Wenchel. While keeping each element of the aquascape alive and healthy, Wenchel also admires the artistry and creative freedom of recreating natural underwater environments. 

According to Wenchel, aquariums only last about one year. Because of their ephemeral nature, documenting the way the aquariums can change over time is half the fun. In this video, the beauty of a lovingly curated aquarium is satisfying to create and to witness.

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Produced by Luke Groskin
Tanks by Alex Wenchel, Mark Chen Ghazanfar Ghori, Kris Weinhold, Rachel O’Leary, Hiep Hong, Justin Leek, Fiona Tu, John Pini, Nick Kinser, Ricky Chawla, Alex Garcia, Corey Hopkins, Edward Burr, Geoffrey Cushmore, Zach Acebedo, Shawn McBride, Marrin Lo, Vang Thao, Scott Miller, William Romero 
Music by Audio
Additional Footage by Alex Wenchel
Stills by Shutterstock

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