Choc Full of Science

Crystal formation is essential in making smooth chocolate that’s solid at room temperature and melts in your mouth. Richard Ludescher, professor of food science at Rutgers, and Rick and Michael Mast, of Mast Brothers Chocolate in Brooklyn, New York, explain the science and art of chocolate making.


Produced by Emily V. Driscoll
Filmed by Stavros Basis, Ben Effinger, Jon Foy
Lighting by Tony Sur Music by Audio Network Narration by Christopher Intagliata
Additional Stills by Shutterstock
Thanks to Ken Branson, Robert Forman, Luke Groskin, Derek Herbster, Julie Leibach, Annie Minoff, Ariel Zych

Meet the Producer

About Emily Driscoll

Emily Driscoll is a science documentary producer in New York, New York. Her production company is BonSci Films.

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