I’m Not a Dinosaur, I Just Play One on Stage

A behind-the-scenes look at how the cast and crew of “Walking with Dinosaurs – The ArenaSpectacular brings life-size dinosaurs to life in an theatrical setting.

Read about how the team behind “Walking With Dinosaurs” constructed the puppets to evoke a convincing “dino-ness” in “How to Build a Dinosaur.” 


Produced by Luke Groskin
Footage Provided by Walking With Dinosaurs the Arena Spectacular, Julie Leibach
“Walking with Dinosaurs” Documentary Footage ©BBC Music by Audio Network

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About Luke Groskin

Luke Groskin is Science Friday’s video producer. He’s on a mission to make you love spiders and other odd creatures.

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How to Build a Dinosaur

The puppets in the live stage production "Walking With Dinosaurs" evoke a convincing "dino-ness."

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