It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! It’s Snarge!

It’s a grim job, but someone has to do it. Every day, the Smithsonian Institution’s Feather Identification Lab receives dozens of envelopes filled with the remains of birds scraped off the sides of airplanes. Using this scant evidence and the Smithsonian’s enormous collection of preserved specimens, scientists at the lab must identify the victims in the hopes of preventing future aviation accidents.


Produced by Luke Groskin
Music by Audio Network
Additional Stills and Video by Smithsonian Institution, Feather Identification Lab, Element Materials Technology, Bryan Heitman, Leonard Brown, YouTube User CaptainFULLHD (C.C. BY 2.0), Robert South, Micah Maziar (C.C. BY 3.0), Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (C.C. BY 3.0)

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