Sex, Lies, And Orchids

With their pungent aromas and vibrant blooms, orchids lure insects, green-thumbs, and romantics alike. Marc Hachadourian, the New York Botanical Garden’s curator of orchids, describes some of the deceptive methods orchids use to manipulate species into becoming their pollinators.

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Produced by Luke Groskin
Music by Audio Network
Additional stills and video by
Jean Claessens / European Orchids , Shutterstock
Thomas Williams, Lisa Spink, Esculapio, Orquídeas del Perú, Orchi (C.C. 3.0) ,
Eric Hunt , Nicolas J. Vereecken (C.C. 3.0),
Gaspar R Avila / Alamy Stock Photo, Ong Poh Teck (Forest Research Institute Malaysia)

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