The BioArcade

Many parents know the feeling of needing a moment’s peace from their children, and the easiest way to achieve that is to distract them with a smart phone. But what if instead of mindlessly playing Candy Crush, kids could play an arcade-style game integrating biology and technology? Working out of Genspace — the citizen science hotspot in Brooklyn — biologist Oliver Medvedik and computer programmer Keith Comito discuss how they developed a kit where live single-celled organisms play a game called the BioArcade.


Produced by Katie Free and Sylvia Tippmann
Music by Audio Network, Ellie Kid, Kevin Mcleod
Special thanks to Keith Comito, Oliver Medvedik, Nurit Bar-Shai

Meet the Producer

About Kathryn Free

Kathryn Free is a science writer and video producer based in Austin, Texas. Her work as appeared in Scientific American, Mind, Popular Mechanics, and Scholastic.