The Whales Of New York

Within sight of the famous New York skyline, you might see something unexpected—whales. Vast schools of menhaden baitfish swirl in the New York Bight, just a few short miles from downtown Manhattan, luring numerous whale species to feed.

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Although breathtaking sights like these were unheard of just a decade ago in the waters off New York City, scientists say they signal a wildlife resurgence underway. Howard Rosenbaum, senior scientist for the Wildlife Conservation Society, explains why the whales have returned and how researchers are tracking the phenomenon in real time.

Note: The minke whale photo in the video is actually a subspecies, the dwarf minke whale, which is not found in New York waters.


Produced by Luke Groskin
Music by Audio
Additional Footage and Stills Provided by
Timothy Del Grosso, The Wildlife Conservation Society,
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
NOAA, Christan Khan, Pond5, Shutterstock,
Certain whale video collected under NMFS MMPA/ESA Permit No. 14809
Right Whale Footage courtesy of NOAA Fisheries and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
under NMFS ESA/MMPA Research/Enhancement Permit #0932-1489-9

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