A Celebration Of Great Science Writing!

On August 16 in Chicago, ‘Undiscovered’ host Annie Minoff joins authors Terry Tempest Williams and David Quammen for an evening of literary discovery.

head shot of annie minoff
Annie Minoff. Credit: Brandon Echter

When: Thursday August 16th, 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Where: The American Writers Museum,
180 N. Michigan Avenue, Second Floor
Chicago, IL 60601

Tickets: $25, available here.

Annie Minoff, co-host of Science Friday’s Undiscovered podcast, will join authors Terry Tempest Williams and David Quammen to discuss great science writing at the American Writers Museum in Chicago.

They’ll reflect on science writers throughout history, what makes good science writing, and the role of such writing in today’s skeptical world. Topics will include everything from science fiction to contemporary journalism to major works of science literature. They’ll also discuss each other’s work and path to science writing.

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Known for her impassioned and lyrical prose, Terry Tempest Williams is the author of the environmental literature classic, Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Place; An Unspoken Hunger: Stories from the Field; Desert Quartet; Leap; Red: Patience and Passion in the Desert; and The Open Space of Democracy. Her book Finding Beauty in a Broken World, was published in 2008 by Pantheon Books. She is a columnist for the magazine The Progressive. Her new book is The Story of My Heart by Richard Jeffries, as rediscovered by Brooke Williams and Terry Tempest Williams (Torrey House Press), in which she and Brooke Williams expand upon the 1883 book by Richard Jeffries.

David Quammen is an author and journalist whose books include The Song of the Dodo (1996), The Reluctant Mr. Darwin (2006), and Spillover (2014), a work on the science, history, and human impacts of emerging diseases (especially viral diseases), which was shortlisted for eight national and international awards and won three. His shorter books Ebola (2014) and The Chimp and the River (2015) were drawn from Spillover, each with a new introduction. His forthcoming book (August 2018) is The Tangled Tree: A Radical New History of Life, which explores the drastic revisions in understanding of life’s history on Earth forced by recent discoveries from genome sequencing, and the story of a scientist named Carl Woese.

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