Rachel Bouton

Events Manager

Rachel Bouton was the events manager at Science Friday, where she spent most of her time trying to figure out how to sneak live cephalopods into bars and writing trivia questions about old-timey medical procedures.

Rachel came to SciFri after spending 4 years touring the country as a performer with the musical comedy show Broadway’s Next Hit Musical. She studied improv at UCB, The Magnet Theatre, and The Second City, and she still performs regularly, improvising musicals every Wednesday with her team Vern at People’s Improv Theatre in NYC.

Rachel grew up in Colorado where she spent most of her time running barefoot through the woods like a Homo naledi. Before moving to New York to pursue her dreams of producing geeky science parties for Science Friday, Rachel completed her Bachelors of Music at the University of Denver, where she sang in a Stevie Wonder tribute band, and where she learned how to tell the difference between a sackbut and a crumhorn.

When she isn’t scouting venues, writing scripts, or drafting show flows, Rachel is probably obsessively checking on her plants. She is very into her plants.