A New Beginning: Science Friday Partners with PRI

We’re excited to work with PRI to expand their science and technology coverage.

Twenty-two years ago, when Science Friday first went on the air, we set out to create the most fun, innovative, and engaging science show on the radio.

That motivation still drives us each week to produce content that’s entertaining and thought provoking. We’re constantly looking for creative ways to deliver the kind of program that makes you listen, watch our videos, and visit our website week after week.

We have so many dedicated fans like you who tell us that Science Friday is the highlight of your week. That’s why we’re so happy to announce our partnership with Public Radio International (PRI).

Together with PRI, we’ll continue to bring you the high quality radio, video, and digital content that Science Friday is known for. We’re excited to work with PRI to expand their science and technology coverage, because PRI shares our vision of serving the public by telling compelling stories about timely issues.

This new union with PRI means that there will be even more Science Friday to love—you’ll be able to hear our coverage on PRI programs including PRI’s The World®, The Takeaway, and Studio 360, as well as online and as podcasts.

We’re working with PRI and local stations to make sure that all of the stations that carry Science Friday continue to broadcast the show. You’ll still be able to tune into your favorite public radio station and hear our live show, voice questions or comments during broadcasts, engage with us on Twitter and Facebook, listen to our podcasts, watch our videos, and read our articles.

We’ve spent 22 years making great radio, and we’re looking forward to another two decades—and more.

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About Danielle D. Johnson

Danielle D. Johnson is Science Friday’s executive director (a.k.a. scary boss). She’s also a huge Mets fan and Giants fan. She hates zucchini, unless it’s zucchini bread.