A Vision Of A New (Soggier) New York

The #SciFriBookClub sits down with Kim Stanley Robinson

In March, Ira and the Science Friday Book Club got a chance to talk with award-winning science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson about climate change, writing fiction, and his new book New York 2140.

[Kim Stanley Robinson Tackles How to Keep a Drowning City Afloat]

The event was standing room only, where New Yorkers lined up to hear about a potential soggier future that awaits.

Some authors object to terms like “science fiction” while others embrace the term. Ira asked Robinson why he proudly labels himself a science fiction author. Robinson’s reply: “I started writing science fiction because I grew up in California…science fiction is the best literature in describing what reality feels like.”.

Robinson reflected on the present world:

Science Friday  Education Manager Ariel Zych created an interactive activity to help the audience better visualize the realities of sea level rise in New York City. Based on data from the New York City Panel on Climate Change (NPCC), audience members were given rolled streamers, measured to lengths corresponding with projected flood levels in different New York City neighborhoods.

Some areas fared better than others…

Huge thanks to Kim Stanley Robinson for joining the #SciFriBookClub, and to everyone who came out the the Strand Bookstore. We’ll see you next time!

Fun & games with Kim Stanley Robinson @strandbookstore He’s fantastic! @scifri

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