Cephalopod Week Postponed

Science Friday will still celebrate Cephalopod Week later this year, but we’ve decided that now is not the time.

Science Friday has made the decision to postpone Cephalopod Week and its events until later in the year, instead of its originally planned dates of June 19 – 26. We are still excited to celebrate some of our favorite sea creatures, but we’ve decided that now is not the time.

One of our main goals at Science Friday is to make science more accessible by showing that scientists are people too. In 2014, we created Cephalopod Week as a natural extension of that goal: a weeklong event that brings people together—on air, online, and in-person at events—to get excited about our clever and amazing undersea friends. Cephalopod Week invites everyone to participate in science, to show that it’s not just a field reserved for those in privileged positions.

The pandemic and recent events have forced us to grapple with that goal and we realize that we haven’t always achieved it. We want to rethink how we can better serve our audiences and the science community. Since the shift to online events for safety and social distancing, we haven’t taken the adequate amount of time to reassess how we can design celebrations like Cephalopod Week in the most equitable way. We are taking that time now.

We’re looking forward to hosting our annual cephalo-bration in a few months. Until then, stay safe and keep on swimming.

a gif of an octopus swimming alongside the ocean floor
Credit: Science Friday

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