You’re Invited: Citizen Science Parties!

It’s Citizen Science Month, and Science Friday is an official partner to help you become a part of the community! Join us for our livestream series.

Science Friday is an official partner of Citizen Science Month for April 2020, and we want to connect you with new opportunities to find purpose, community, and even escape as you support our partnered projects. Each of these projects can be done by anyone anywhere in the country, is social-distancing-friendly, and needs the help of regular people like you to tackle important scientific challenges.

Help make citizen science more fun and open to everyone!

Do you participate in citizen science? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to? We want to hear from you! Help us out with a survey.

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Find Out About Your Pipes With Crowd the Tap

Hear from the experts behind Crowd the Tap and environmental engineering experts, and help make your home part of the national roster of water pipe materials.

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Tracking Transformation In Communities With ISeeChange

Join Science Friday and ISeeChange for a spring celebration! We shared your observations of spring, and learned how to awaken your senses to change in your environment—all the while, we watched a community artwork being created.

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Safely Document Biodiversity With City Nature Challenge

It’s time once again for City Nature Challenge! Together, we found out how to document biodiversity in whatever way we can for this year’s collaborative celebration.

Want to be a part of the Science Friday community on iNaturalist? Sign up for an account and join the Science Friday iNaturalist project!

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Citizen Science Potpourri Week With Adler Zooniverse

Can’t decide which citizen science project to get started with? You don’t have to—for the last full week of Citizen Science Month, Science Friday is hosting four days of livestreams with Adler Zooniverse, the world’s largest and most popular platform for people-powered research.

Every day from April 27-30, we met for a dive deep with a new citizen science project:

Monday, April 27Planet Four: Take a virtual trip to Mars’ south pole! Help planetary scientists learn about the seasons on the red planet—and learn how to make your own Martian landscapes at home.

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Tuesday, April 28Anti-Slavery Manuscripts: Do you have trouble identifying a handwritten “F” from an “S”? So do computers—join us to start training your brain for this important project that is working to make historical anti-slavery artifacts from the Boston Library accessible for global research.

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Wednesday, April 29The University of Wyoming Raccoon Project: These “trash pandas” have been training all year, and it’s time to crown the Raccoon Superlatives! Who do you think deserves to win Most Athletic, Best Dressed, and Teacher’s Pet?

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Thursday, April 30Bash the Bug: Become a Bacteria Basher! Use your pattern-matching skills to help fight antibiotic resistance and Tuberculosis with a few clicks.

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We’re thrilled to be a Citizen Science Month partner, hosted by SciStarter. SciStarter is where millions of people discover opportunities to participate in citizen science, a movement that’s sweeping the globe. On SciStarter, there are citizen science projects for everyone!

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Science Friday is an official partner for Citizen Science Month! Join us online throughout April to become a citizen scientist yourself.

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