Where The Fungi Grow: ‘Entangled Life’ Author Q&A

On July 18, join our event with the author of ‘Entangled Life’ for a contemplative afternoon on the mushrooms we should make room for.

Event promotional image. In top left corner, SciFri Book Club logo, with event info below, which reads: Where The Fungi Grow. Join the SciFri Book Club for an afternoon chat with biologist and the author of 'Entangled Life', Merlin Sheldrake. July 18, 1:00pm ET, Online + Free, ScienceFriday.com/Events. To the right of the frame is a picture of ENTANGLED LIFE book cover and a headshot of author Merlin Sheldrake, a white man with curly brown hair

Entangled Life: Author Livestream and Q&A

  • When: Tuesday, July 18 at 1:00pm ET / 10:00am PT
  • Where: Science Friday’s YouTube livestream
  • Tickets: Free! RSVP for updates

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There’s a wide world of mycelium hidden in the soil—and unless we dig deeper, we may never know them as more than their fruiting aboveground bodies: mushrooms. Entangled Life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds & Shape Our Futures author Merlin Sheldrake joins us for a contemplative afternoon on the mushrooms we should make room for.

Come with your queries and wonderings—we’ll be taking your questions via the livestream comments.

This event is a part of the SciFri Book Club July 2023 pick. Find out more about our book club on this month’s main page.

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