Our Award-Winning Video

“Step Into an Optical Illusion” was awarded top prize at Science Online’s Cyberscreen Film Festival. Congratulations Flora!

You can always count on gravity, right? It’s a fundamental force of nature. By attracting one body to another, it keeps us from floating into space and allows the moon to power the tides.

But sometimes the rules of gravity don’t behave like you’d expect them to.

That’s the idea behind “Step Into an Optical Illusion,” one of Science Friday’s Video Picks of the Week from last year. We really dug the video, and it turns out we’re not alone: The film was one of the winners in the Cyberscreen Film Festival, held at the Science Online conference last week. Watch the video below, and make sure to check out the other winners.

Congrats to Flora Lichtman, our Managing Editor of Video. We’re pretty sure she creates the best videos seen on radio.