Science Friday Goes to St. Paul

On November 3rd, Science Friday will join Minnesotans to talk the science of superheroes.

On November 3rd, Science Friday goes beyond the realm of Marvel and DC comics to look at the science of superpowers. Ira Flatow (and his team of caped crusaders) will explore real-life inventions that would fit right in among the Avengers or the Justice League, like an ultrasonic glove that lets firefighters “see” through smoke and an x-ray gun that uncovers the true colors of Vincent Van Gogh.

Plus, Jim Kakalios, University of Minnesota physicist and author of The Physics of Superheroes, will explain what happens when comic book superheroes come into conflict with real-life physics. Think you understand how Spider-Man swings into action? Join in as Ira and Jim pit comics experts against engineers in a live game show to see who knows more.

All that, plus a guest appearance from the people behind MPR’s own science podcast Brains On!, exploring the superpower of regrowing limbs. How do lizards, sea stars, and salamanders pull it off? And could we humans learn any tricks to enhance our invincibility?

Join us, by picking up your tickets at the Fitzgerald Theatre website.


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