Christian Skotte

Co-Director & Head of Digital

Christian Skotte was the co-director & head of digital at Science Friday. He helped manage and implement Science Friday’s organizational, editorial, and digital strategy. He’s spoken at conferences in the U.S. and internationally on topics like digital media and audience growth. (Occasionally he’s been asked back to speak again.) He’s overseen social media and audience engagement campaigns that were covered by the New York Times, the Washington Post, BuzzFeed, and more.

Christian is a proud alumnus of Antioch College, where he studied the totally-not-made-up subject of Self, Society, and Culture. He held several jobs in college and immediately after, including working as a hotwalker at the Churchill Downs racetrack and as a cataloguer at a rare bookstore. (He’s left both those off his LinkedIn profile.)

Immediately before joining Science Friday, he worked at Freelancers Union, overseeing their content strategy and social media.

More than one bartender has asked Christian if he works in the spirits industry. He doesn’t—but he does love discovering and trying obscure boozes from all over the world. He’s also a nerd for board games and pop music.

A native of Cowan, Tennessee (population 1,716), he now lives in Brooklyn with his wife and their daughter.