Science Friday Live In San Francisco

On Saturday, November 16, Ira Flatow and Science Friday are heading to San Francisco, California.

a poster that reads "science friday live in san francisco. saturday, november 16, 2019. sydney goldstein theater. presented by another planet entertainment with KQED public radio." in the background is a blue purple map of the san francisco peninsula with the lines highlighted in bright orange

graphic that says "science friday live"When: November 16, 2019 at 8:00 pm

Where: Sydney Goldstein Theater, 275 Hayes St, San Francisco, CA 94102

This show is sold out.

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Join Ira Flatow and the rest of the SciFri crew as they hit the road to uncover and report on the amazing science news and stories happening in San Francisco! This is your chance to look behind the curtain of your favorite national radio show and participate in a special live performance with the scientists and conversations you love.

This 90-minute program typically features live music, props, video screenings, and demonstrations. And as a bonus, the event will be recorded so you can be a part of a future broadcast!

Get ready for an evening exploring the worlds of invisible facemites, artificial intelligence, and more! Learn more about the topics below:

Next time you look in the mirror, consider that tiny, wriggling mites have made their home on your face. Yes, yours. In fact, you may have an evolving colony unique to your own skin! We’ll talk with Michelle Trautwein from the California Academy of Sciences about the curious way facemites make a living… and her hunt for mites throughout the animal kingdom—including the ones that make a home inside the giant hair follicles of whales. We’ll get up-close and personal with our tiny crawling companions in a video from KQED’s Deep Look series, hosted by award-winning science reporter Lauren Sommer. 

Plus, from self-driving cars and facial recognition, to algorithms predicting what you’ll buy and whether you’re a crime risk, artificial intelligence is changing how we live. But are all these uses ethical? We’ll talk about building an AI future that’s good for everyone.

And we’ll head to class with local science teacher Laura Diaz. Growing up in Pittsburg, California near chemical plants and refineries, and then, watching her mother’s home go up in flames in last year’s Camp Fire has transformed Diaz into an “environmental justice activist.” She brings these life experiences into the classroom to inspire young people to solve the world’s injustices through science. Diaz joins us on stage alongside her former students from St. Joseph Notre Dame High School in Alameda, who founded the Youth Environmental Activists (YEA!) club to tackle climate change on campus. 

We’ll also be joined by the Oakland-based band Foxtails Brigade for some live tunes! Grab your tickets!

The Sydney Goldstein Theater does not have an elevator to the Loge or Balcony. For assistance with accessible seating, please contact City Box Office at (415) 392-4400. Assisted listening devices are available at The Sydney Goldstein Theater. Find more information here.

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