Science Friday Live In Wichita

SciFri is heading to Kansas to tell stories about the science beneath your feet.

On Saturday, September 9th, Science Friday heads to Wichita for a special live event: Science Friday Unearthed. Join us, in partnership with 89.1 KMUW, for a live show at the Orpheum Theatre at 7:00pm.

Host Ira Flatow is digging deep for a night of stories about the science beneath your feet. You’ll meet the anthropologists who use DNA fragments and soil samples to piece together how prehistoric people made their way across Kansas and North America.

And while it seems hard to believe now, did you know that until about 65 million years ago, Kansas was mostly covered by an ocean? In fact, the bones of the animals that swam there still litter the state! We’ll take a dive into what those fossils are telling us.

We’ll also celebrate the tiny waste managers of the insect world—bugs like carrion beetles and dung beetles, which help recycle dead animals and poop. Plus live music, merchandise for sale, and more.

Live music will be provided by the local duo Shane Marler and Nikki Moddelmog.

You can join us by picking up tickets at KMUW’s website. See you there!

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Brandon Echter was Science Friday’s digital managing editor. He loves space, sloths, and cephalopods, and his aesthetic is “cultivated schlub.”

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