Brandon Echter

Managing Editor, Digital

Brandon Echter was Science Friday’s digital managing editor. He managed the organization’s social media and engagement projects, so if you came here from SciFri on Twitter, Facebook, or any social channel, you’ve read his work (and have him to blame). His favorite project is SciFri’s annual Cephalopod Week.

Before joining Science Friday, Brandon was the digital media producer at The Moth, the nonprofit dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling. It was there that he honed his social media skills and learned the right way to tell a story.

Brandon was born and raised in the New Jersey suburbs, where he spent a lot of time on the nascent Internet and building forts in the woods with his friends. He later traveled down to Elon University in North Carolina, where he studied media arts and creative writing, and spent several years convinced he was going to be a video editor before finding a home in public radio.

Brandon is a huge fan of space, sloths, and cephalopods, and if you tweet any of those things at him he WILL respond. His aesthetic is “cultivated schlub.” And yes, that was him on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire that one time.