Serendipity And Syzygy: Fortunate Accidents

How syzygy saved the Suez ship, and how a country’s name ended up inside the word “serendipity.”

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How did a country’s name end up inside the word, “serendipity”? And what’s a “syzygy”? And, more importantly, why does it have so many y’s?   

Over the past year, several listeners have written to us asking about these two words. Now, we answer—with a little help. Eli Chen and Justine Paradis join us for a round of Diction Dash, where Johanna tries (and usually fails) to guess the correct origin or meaning of a word. 

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Read a transcript of this episode here.


Justine Paradis is a reporter and producer for Outside/In from New Hampshire Public Radio. 

Eli Chen is senior editor of Overheard at National Geographic.

Footnotes & Further Reading: 

More on how a syzygy helped free the Suez ship at the Wall Street Journal

Read The Three Princes of Serendip


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