Share Your Favorite ‘Dune’ Quote

Record yourself reading your favorite quote from “Dune,” and share it with SciFri.

From the “Litany against Fear” to Kynes’ sage words on ecology (“the highest function of ecology is the understanding of consequences”), Frank Herbert’s Dune is full of memorable lines. This week, we’re asking you to share your favorites.

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Record yourself reading your favorite Dune quote, and send it to us by pressing the button below. We might play your quote on the air!* [EDITOR’S NOTE: The session for submitting quotes is now closed.]

A few guidelines: Please include your name and location, and keep your quote under 30 seconds. All quotes should be from Dune (no sequels!).

*By submitting your quote, you agree to let us use your recording on the air, and in whatever capacity Science Friday sees fit. Not all quotes will be used.

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