Take a Selfielopod for #CephalopodWeek!

Print one of our cutouts and take your own selfielopod for Cephalopod Week.

selfielopod_twitterMany cephalopods are master camouflagers. They can change their color to blend into the environment and hide from predators, communicate with each other, and even express happiness. Learn more about how cuttlefish create camouflage in this video:

Don’t worry, my chromatophore-less friend. Like the flamboyant cuttlefish or the mimic octopus, you, too, can work on your camouflage this #CephalopodWeek.

Print one of these cutouts and color it in. Maybe you can try to hide in your house! Or put on a colorful display to find your one true love!

Once you’re done, take a picture and tweet it with #selfielopod and #CephalopodWeek. We’ll share our favorites here and over social media.

Click on the images below to download in full size.





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