The Surprising Ways Art Changes Our Brains And Bodies

‘Your Brain On Art’ examines new research about the effectiveness of art in healthcare and the benefits of picking up a daily arts practice.

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We might intrinsically know that engaging with and making art is good for us in some way. But now, scientists have much more evidence to support this, thanks in part to a relatively new field called neuroaesthetics, which studies the effects that artistic experiences have on the brain. 

A new book called Your Brain On Art: How The Arts Transform Us, dives into that research, and it turns out the benefits of the arts go far beyond elevating everyday life; they’re now being used as part of healthcare treatments to address conditions like dementia and trauma. 

Universe of Art host D. Peterschmidt sits down with the authors of the book, Susan Magsamen, executive director of the International Arts + Mind Lab at the Pederson Brain Science Institute at Johns Hopkins University, and Ivy Ross, vice president of design for hardware products at Google, about what we can learn from neuroaesthetic studies, the benefits of a daily arts practice, and the kinds of art they both like making.

Read an excerpt from Your Brain On Art.

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