Annie Nero

Individual Giving Manager

Annie Nero is Science Friday’s individual giving manager. She processes gifts from our outstanding supporters, and highly enjoys being the point person for all donation-related inquiries.

Annie grew up in the wild woods of New England, where she spent her childhood catching tadpoles, raising newts, and unearthing arrowheads (or so she thought) during backyard archaeological digs.

Her quest for ancient discoveries led her to pursue a BA and MA in history, where she studied memory in post war France, and also did extensive research to help preserve New York City’s great tenement buildings.

Through her work with preservation societies, Annie developed an interest in nonprofit sustainability, leading her on a path to development. A passionate public radio supporter, she is elated to find herself at Science Friday, helping to fund SciFri’s exceptional programming.

Annie has also spent many years playing and recording music, and her voice can be heard reading sponsorship credits during the Science Friday radio show. Her favorite part of doing this is sitting in Ira’s chair, wearing the big headphones.