Brienne May

Educator Collaborator

Brienne May is a special education teacher at Heritage Elementary in Franklin Regional School District, just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. From her experience teaching since 2013, she knows that a noisy, messy classroom is proof of learning and discovery.

Some of Brienne’s favorite moments in education include grossing out seventh graders with sheep brain and heart dissections; helping students find their voices through Socratic seminars and debates; and cultivating a garden at school. Her students continually amaze her with their creativity and love of learning.

After graduating from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s degree in early childhood and special education, Brienne taught second grade in Phoenix, Arizona. She later earned a master’s degree in STEAM education from the University of San Diego and taught middle school in Washington, D.C. She’s currently working on a doctorate at Liberty University in Virginia in curriculum and instruction, with a dissertation focus on science education. Brienne also presents on best practices in science education at national conferences for organizations such as Kappa Delta Pi and the Association for Middle Level Education.

When she’s not soaking up all the science she can get, Brienne nerds out on all things crafty and DIY. Her sewing and quilting work has been featured by several companies, including Brother and Afloral. She’s also been known to go a little Pinterest-crazy, both in the classroom and at home.