Robin Kazmier

Senior Editor - Digital

Robin Kazmier is Senior Editor, Digital, which means she writes and edits articles and helps shape Science Friday’s digital strategy. Previously, she led research and fact-checking for the PBS series NOVA and was editor of the digital publication NOVA Next.

Growing up in Georgia, Robin spent a great deal of time collecting maps, practicing Spanish, and exploring the Chattahoochee River. Her curiosity about people and places led her to a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and geography from Northwestern University.

Robin got her start in editorial work at a publishing company in Costa Rica, where she edited field guides and authored National Parks of Costa Rica. She later joined the Tico Times, and her experience reporting on wildlife and editing the news convinced her that science journalism was her future. After nine years in the country, she left Costa Rica to pursue a master’s in science writing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has lived in Boston ever since. Her favorite bird is the squirrel cuckoo.