Ryan Becker

Educator Collaborator

Ryan Becker teaches physical science at Woodstock Union Middle School in Woodstock, Vermont. A passionate middle-level educator for the last 12 years, Ryan constantly looks for ways to nurture curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving in his classroom. It’s not unusual to find his students engineering solar collectors, filming science infomercials, writing chemistry haikus, or tweeting questions to scientists across the globe.

Among his early experiences with science, Ryan (a lifelong Vermonter) counts his childhood quest to build epic jumps for his bike and snowboard, as well as countless hours spent observing the natural world while hunting and camping. These interests led to degrees in exercise science from Ithaca College and biology from Johnson State College and—after stints as a personal trainer, coach, and camp director—a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction from the University of Vermont (UVM).

His interest in teacher leadership and action research—which entails testing and documenting a teaching practice in the classroom—prompted Ryan to pursue a doctorate at UVM. After realizing the power of social media for professional development and as a pedagogical tool in his own classroom, Ryan focused his dissertation research on the use of Twitter for learning and communicating science. He hopes his own insatiable desire to follow real science around the world inspires his students.

Ryan enjoys running, hiking, skiing and spending time with his family in rural Vermont.