Sergio Estrada

Educator Collaborator

Sergio Estrada is a physics teacher at Riverside High School in El Paso, TX. In his quest to foster a love of physics, you’ll find Sergio engaging his students in thinking about real-world phenomena, doing demonstrations, creating songs, conducting hands-on investigations, or trying his hand at comedy. He also is known to sneak down to Riverside High School’s culinary arts department to make food with his students.

After graduating from Texas A&M, Sergio became a physics teacher to help impart his love of the questions “why” and “how” to a new generation of learners. His students have found success in the Prudential Math Challenge, Speech and Debate, and NASA internships. He especially enjoys coaching his school’s inSPIRESS team, where students develop and design a scientific payload and create science engagements for the public, including over 1,000 children a year at local elementary schools, fans at AAA El Paso Chihuahua baseball games, and the El Paso Space Festival.

Sergio is a 2020 recipient of the Yale Educator Award and has explored the stars and furthered his love of science through the NASA LiftOff and Joint Science and Technology Institute programs. An avid movie fan, Sergio has a knack for accurately predicting Oscar winners.