Donate To SciFri And Get A Limited Edition T-Shirt!

Make a donation of $52 or more and get a limited edition "A Field Story" tee, from our collaboration with Sixpoint Brewing!

Have you ever wished there was a Science Friday beer? A beer you could enjoy as you begin your weekend, created with a small local brewery, inspired by Medieval brewing traditions, and with an herbal hint, and balanced hops? Well your wish has come true! Introducing, A Field Story—Science Friday’s tastiest collaboration to date, with Brooklyn’s Sixpoint Brewery.

two images of the same t-shirt, showed front and back. it's beige with an illustration on the front depicting an old-school microphone with cartoon eyes whistling, sitting in a field of grass. below the illustration is text that says 'a field story.' on the back are three logos: for science friday, sixpoint brewing, and redhook farms

In honor of this collaboration we’ve created these limited edition t-shirts that we wanted to share with you, our truest fans. With a special donation of $52 we’ll send you this truly unique t-shirt—currently only available to Science Friday and SixPoint staff. Simply select your size after making a donation. Your donations help us do fun things like this and the weekly radio show, so we hope you’ll make a donation and wear this unique shirt with pride. Thirsty for more? Use this handy Sixpoint Beer Finder to find A Field Story beer near you.

A bit more about A Field Story: This beer is a gruit (never heard of it? We hadn’t either!) and it’s made with rosemary, tarragon, lemongrass, and mugwort, making for a singular and flavorful experience. Want to learn more about what it takes to create a hyper-local gruit? Listen to our segment!

an older white man holding a small beer glass wearing a black t-shirt that says 'science friday.' next to him stands a white man with a large goatee. a woman to the left wears a mask and holds a large microphone pointed at them
Ira and Isaac Patient, Head Brewer at Sixpoint Brewing, taste a new beer with created by Sixpoint Brewery. Credit: Arin Sang-urai