Celebrating Nature’s Summer Light Show, Fireflies

12:08 minutes

Their summertime glow is so familiar, but did you know that most adult fireflies don’t eat anything? Or that some fireflies only light up in their egg and larval stages, but never blink at night? Lightning bug expert Marc Branham gives a tour of the world of fireflies, and tries to decode what sets one beetle’s nighttime flash apart from another’s.

Fireflies flash the camera:

Segment Guests

Marc Branham

Marc Branham is associate professor in the department of entomology and nematology at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida.

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About Charles Bergquist

As Science Friday’s director and senior producer, Charles Bergquist channels the chaos of a live production studio into something sounding like a radio program. Favorite topics include planetary sciences, chemistry, materials, and shiny things with blinking lights.

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