Fess Up: We’re Taking Your ‘Climate Confessions’

22:44 minutes

Do you have a predilection for beef? Forget to flick off the lights? Or maybe you’re a much-too-frequent flier? Then join Flora Lichtman, host of The Adaptors podcast, and Mike Berners-Lee, author of How Bad are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint of Everything to confess your climate sins. And don’t worry—no judgment here. We’ll talk about how the carbon emissions of out-of-season fruit measure up with your washer/dryer habits. To get you started, listen to some of the SciFri staff’s confessions below.

Segment Guests

Flora Lichtman

Flora Lichtman is host of the podcast Every Little Thing. She’s a former Science Friday multimedia producer.

Mike Berners-Lee

Mike Berners-Lee is author of How Bad Are Bananas? The Carbon Footprint of Everything (Profile, 2010) and The Burning Question (Greystone Books, 2013), and director of Small World Consulting, a sustainability consultancy that does carbon modeling for supermarkets, telecoms, governments in Lancaster, England.

Meet the Producer

About Christopher Intagliata

Christopher Intagliata was Science Friday’s senior producer. He once served as a prop in an optical illusion and speaks passable Ira Flatowese.