Keeping an Eye on Wayward Studies

10:58 minutes

This week, one scientific journal retracted 60 papers after details of a “peer review ring” came to light. The journal Nature recently retracted two prominent papers involving stem cells after identifying what it called “critical errors.” Ivan Oransky, co-founder of the Retraction Watch blog, discusses the scientific process, what can go wrong, and the differences between misconduct and honest mistakes.

Segment Guests

Ivan Oransky

Ivan Oransky is co-founder of RetractionWatch and vice president and global editorial director of MedPage Today in New York, New York.

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About Charles Bergquist

As Science Friday’s director and senior producer, Charles Bergquist channels the chaos of a live production studio into something sounding like a radio program. Favorite topics include planetary sciences, chemistry, materials, and shiny things with blinking lights.

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