Making Summer Travel Plans With Climate Change in Mind

22:51 minutes

Would Glacier National Park be the same without the glaciers? Would visiting Boston’s Faneuil Hall be the same if there was water lapping at its doors? A recent report from the Union of Concerned Scientists lists many landmark sites around the U.S. that could be at risk in a changing climate with warmer temperatures, rising sea levels, and increased fire threats. Ira talks with Adam Markham, one of the authors of the report, and with ecotourism author Andrew Blackwell, about which potentially endangered tourist sites you might want to try to visit sooner rather than later.

Segment Guests

Adam Markham

Adam Markham is author of the National Landmarks at Risk report and director of the Climate Impacts Initiative at Union of Concerned Scientists in New York, New York.

Andrew Blackwell

Andrew Blackwell is the author of Visit Sunny Chernobyl: And Other Adventures in the World’s Most Polluted Places in Brooklyn, New York.

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