Meet the Energy-Saving Gadgets of the Future

From a GPS that outsmarts traffic jams to flooring that generates electricity from footsteps, student inventors are dreaming up a more convenient, energy efficient future. Ira Flatow talks with winners of Microsoft’s Imagine Cup and Siemens’ We Can Change The World Challenge about their innovations.

Segment Guests

Flora Lichtman

Flora Lichtman was the host of the podcast Every Little Thing. She’s a former Science Friday multimedia producer.

Daniel Morrow

Daniel Morrow is the second place national winner for the Siemens “We Can Change the World Challenge”. He’s a junior at Providence Day School and is based in Charolette, North Carolina.

Christian Brüggemann

Christian Brüggemann is the winner of Imagine Cup Germany. He is a student at University of Bielefeld in Germany.

Bridget Zarych

Bridget Zarych is the first place national winner for Siemens’ “We Can Change the World Challenge”. She is a sophomore at Pinelands Regional High School in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey.

Harry Freedman

Harry Freedman is a runner-up for the FIRST LEGO League Global Innovation Competition. He is a 6th Grader at PS-126, Manhattan Academy of Technology in New York, New York

Sabera Talukder

Sabera Talukder is a finalist at the Google Science Fair. She is a junior at Los Gatos High School in Los Gatos, California.