Something’s in the Air—It’s Your Microbial Cloud

4:28 minutes

Every human has a community of bacteria that lives on and in them called the microbiome. But people also have a personalized microbial cloud that surrounds them and follows their every move. SciFri video producer Luke Groskin aims the Macroscope at the Biology and the Built Environment Center at the University of Oregon, where a group of researchers is working to detect and catalog the microbes a person sheds in daily life.

Segment Guests

Luke Groskin

Luke Groskin is Science Friday’s video producer. He’s on a mission to make you love spiders and other odd creatures.

Meet the Producer

About Charles Bergquist

As Science Friday’s director and senior producer, Charles Bergquist channels the chaos of a live production studio into something sounding like a radio program. Favorite topics include planetary sciences, chemistry, materials, and shiny things with blinking lights.

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