How States Are Planning To Power The Electric Vehicle Boom

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California and New York recently adopted regulations which ban sales of new gas-powered vehicles by 2035. Several other states are likely to quickly follow suit. But the uptick in vehicle demand will also require new infrastructure, and increase demand for mining metals used to produce car batteries.

Jessika Trancik, professor at the Institute for Data, Systems and Society at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and David Reichmuth, senior engineer for the Union of Concerned Scientists’ Clean Transportation Program, join Ira Flatow to discuss the future of electric vehicles. Plus, Eric Gebhardt, chief technology officer at Wabtec, an industrial locomotive company, discusses the challenges and promise of battery-electric trains.

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Segment Guests

Jessika Trancik

Jessika Trancik is a professor in MIT’s Institute for Data, Systems, and Society in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

David Reichmuth

David Reichmuth is a senior engineer in the Clean Transportation Program at the Union of Concerned Scientists in Oakland, California.

Eric Gebhardt

Eric Gebhardt is Chief Technology Officer at the Wabtec Corporation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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