Studying Earth to Learn About Mars

16:27 minutes

Southern Utah’s landscape looks a lot like images from the Mars rovers. Marjorie Chan discusses how Utah geology might help explain data sent back from Mars missions. Meanwhile, Charles Killian describes how people are simulating what it might be like to one day live and work on the Red Planet.


NPR’s continuing live coverage of events in Boston preempted the April 19th broadcast of Science Friday. The recorded April 19th program aired April 26th.

Segment Guests

Charles Killian

Charles Killian is CapCom Coordinator at the Mars Desert Research Station in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Marjorie Chan

Marjorie Chan is the geology professor at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Meet the Producer

About Charles Bergquist

As Science Friday’s director and senior producer, Charles Bergquist channels the chaos of a live production studio into something sounding like a radio program. Favorite topics include planetary sciences, chemistry, materials, and shiny things with blinking lights.