The Hunt for Dark Matter

11:07 minutes

Traveling nearly a mile underground in an elevator referred to as “the cage” is not exactly for the faint of heart. Enter Science Friday video producer Luke Groskin. He ventured deep into a rural South Dakota mine to learn about the Large Underground Xenon Experiment, or “LUX.” There, scientists like Richard Gaitskell are hoping that the LUX detector—shielded by thousands of feet of rock—will capture evidence of dark matter particles interacting with regular old matter. Groskin and Gaitskell join Ira to talk about the ongoing hunt for dark matter.

You can watch Luke Groskin’s documentary, “4850 Feet Below: The Hunt for Dark Matter,” here:

Segment Guests

Luke Groskin

Luke Groskin is Science Friday’s video producer. He’s on a mission to make you love spiders and other odd creatures.

Meet the Producer

About Becky Fogel

Becky Fogel is a newscast host and producer at Texas Standard, a daily news show broadcast by KUT in Austin, Texas. She was formerly Science Friday’s production assistant.

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