These Brains Changed Neuroscience

12:23 minutes

Science writer Sam Kean joins Ira live at the Aspen Ideas Festival to talk about the brain injuries that led to some of neuroscience’s biggest breakthroughs. From “H.M.,” who lost his memory during surgery, to Phineas Gage, whose grisly encounter with a tamping iron put him into high school psychology books, Kean explains how the field of neuroscience emerged from stories of brains gone awry.

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Sam Kean

Sam Kean is a science writer. He’s the author of The Bastard Brigade and Caesar’s Last Breath. He’s based in Washington, D.C.

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Annie Minoff is a producer for The Journal from Gimlet Media and the Wall Street Journal, and a former co-host and producer of Undiscovered. She also plays the banjo.