Total Meltdown: The Rate of Ice Cream Collapse

8:20 minutes

Are some ice creams “meltier” than others? This is a question that Maya Warren, an ice cream expert and Ph.D. candidate in food science, explores at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Despite the simple sweetness of a scoop of ice cream, this frozen dairy product has a complicated microstructure. And this complex combination of air cells, ice crystals, and fat globules—to name a few constituents—affects the way in which different kinds of ice cream melt and collapse.

Segment Guests

Maya Warren

Maya Warren is an ice cream expert and Ph.D. Candidate in food science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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About Becky Fogel

Becky Fogel is a newscast host and producer at Texas Standard, a daily news show broadcast by KUT in Austin, Texas. She was formerly Science Friday’s production assistant.

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