Creature Double Feature: Zombies and Bloodsuckers

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True Bloodsuckers – Leeches
Invasion of the Zombees: A Bee Horror Film

Who needs Hollywood fictions like The Walking Dead or True Blood when there are real-life bloodsuckers and zombies all around us? In fact, many of the biological inquiries about parasitic creatures such as leeches or zombie flies ooze with fascinating and gory details. Time to pull up a chair, turn the lights off, and witness two tales that will make your skin crawl and your mind reel with fear, and curiosity.


Produced by Christian Baker and Luke Groskin
Music by Audio Network
Additional Footage and Stills by Mark Siddall, Shutterstock, Derek Morisson (C.C. 3.0), Alan Kuehner (C.C. 3.0), Rebecca VO (C.C. 3.0) Leo Kenney / Vernal Pool Association, Steven Johnson, William Moser, Landcare — Manaaki Whenua, Geoff Read/ NIWA

Meet the Producers and Host

About Luke Groskin

Luke Groskin is Science Friday’s video producer. He’s on a mission to make you love spiders and other odd creatures.

About Christian Baker

Christian Baker is an independent filmmaker, producer and director of photography.

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