Mold Compounds Sandy’s Destruction

The Rockaways, a Queens, N.Y. neighborhood, is still recovering from Sandy. Debris from fires lingers on the streets, and buildings torn apart by the storm are crumbling on the beach. But at least for those with restored heat and power (7,000 customers in the area are still without power), there is yet another worry: mold. Peter Corless, a community organizer in the Rockaways, gives us a tour of the neighborhood, while Joan Bennett, a mycologist whose house molded after Katrina flooding, describes the species of fungi she found in her own home after that hurricane and in New Jersey homes post-Sandy.


Images courtesy of Joan Bennett, Rutgers, Gabriel Van Houten and Terri Bennett, Respond and Rebuild, CDC PHIL, BioImages – the Virtual Fieldguide (UK), Encyclopedia of Life, Music: Lucky Dragons/Cherchez le Dragon

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